The Queen of Dovrefjell

Get to know Norway’s highest mountain peak outside Jotunheimen.
The Queen of Dovrefjell towers 2286 meters above sea level and is Norway’s 24th highest peak. That might not sound so impressive, and it doesn’t really do justice to Snøhetta mountain – our queen. In addition to being ‘only’ the 24th highest mountain peak in Norway, Snøhetta is the highest mountain outside Jotunheimen. And even if you are not a mountain fanatic, we promise that the trip is well worth the rather strenuous climb to the summit.
Was once Norway’s highest
Snøhetta used to have the status of being Norway’s highest peak for a period, as did several other mountains, including Glittertind, Store Skagastølstind and Gaustatoppen. The history of surveying and the development of maps is long, and had its humble beginnings in the 18th century. With various equipment and a great urge to explore, geologists reached the summits and mapped the mountains. The height of Snøhetta has varied from around 2000 meters above sea level, to over 5000 meters above sea level, depending on the time period, equipment and knowledge.
Impress your tour group with local cheese at the summit! Dovre Ysteri is a local dairy that makes the tasty cheese called Snøhetta.
Four peaks – from Østtoppen to Vesttoppen
Today, the height of Stortoppen/Østtoppen is 2286 meters above sea level. The mountain massif consists of four peaks, Stortoppen, Midttoppen (2278 masl), Hettpiggen (2261 masl) and Vesttoppen (2253 masl). Together they form an impressive profile with the glacier-covered depression called Gryta between them. There is a waymarked route up to Stortoppen and to Vesttoppen, the trail splits east of Istjørni. Tips! If you continue past Stortoppen to the slightly more exposed Midttoppen, you get a wider view behind the Snøhetta mountain massif and down into the Gryta depression. If you want to continue past Midttoppen, you will need climbing equipment and climbing experience.
View from Vesttoppen.

Facts about the trip

  • Take the shuttle bus to Snøheim, where the trip starts. Find bus timetables and information about tickets here.
  • The length of the trip is 6 kilometers one way.
  • There are 800 meters of elevation from Snøheim to Stortoppen mountain peak (2286 masl).
  • There is a trail and some stones that lead to the foot of Snøhetta mountain, and then visitors have to hike over scree to the summit
  • Bring plenty of drinks and snacks. Wear good footwear and bring extra clothes in your rucksack. Summer in the high mountains can be cold and the weather can shift quickly.
  • The Snøheim Bus runs from June to September.
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